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It's time to step back in time and relive the memories and magic at Cherry Tree Lane.

Everyone has their favourite Mary Poppins song...was yours Chim Chim Cher-ee,  A Spoonful of Sugar,  Feed the Birds or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

(Sorry if you have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!)

Mary Poppins the stage spectacular is playing for a strictly limited season at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne.  Based on both the book by Aussie   P.L. Travers and the 1964 film, it features new sub plots and songs.

It'll cost you over $130 for a good seat (you can grab midweek matinee seats in the stalls for $60) but unlike other musical theatre experiences (I'm talking about you Cats...meow!) you'll be floating out of the theatre feeling you absolutely got your money's worth.

But you know if you are planning an evening at the theatre dahling, you absolutely must make a night of it.

There a ton of fantastic restaurants near Her Majesty's Theatre.  For a list and locations check out this site.

And of course, for fantastic luxury accommodation in Melbourne check us out.

Her Majesty's Theatre. 219 Exhibition Street. Melbourne Victoria 3000.

Super - cali - fragi - listic - EX - P - I - A - LI - DOCIOUS!


Where I confess that I'm a Masterchef addict...

Yes, I'm confessing that I watch Masterchef.

Not religiously mind you (it makes me too hungry),  but I do love to tune in occasionally to watch mere mortals battle their little culinary hearts outs.

I really love it when they crack under the pressure (schnitzel!  OMG I can't make a schnitzel!)


A few days ago they aired an episode where the remaining seven had to fight for a guaranteed spot in the finals next week.

Guest judges were some of the worlds best chefs - Kylie Kwong, Jacques Reymond, Mark Best and Alla Wolf Tasker.

The contestants shed blood, sweat and tears while preparing their dishes.  

Oh dear, Calum had a mini break down over dropped pheasant pies.  

But what I really loved about this episode was seeing the guest judges restaurants.  These chefs are some of the most talented and inspired in their industry and we're so lucky their restaurants are here in Australia.

Lucky for you guys, we've also tracked down amazing luxury accommodation near these fine dining establishments.  

Here are my two favourites out of the group in Victoria.

Jacques Reymond - Jacques Reymond Cuisine du Temps Restaurant 78 Williams Rd Prahran VIC.  

Jacques has introduced a new approach to fine dining, offering entree size dishes only allowing diners to sample a wide variety of dishes.

The restaurant occupies a stately Victorian mansion with extensively landscaped gardens, open fireplaces and a private car park. 

The menu combines impeccable cooking with a playful use of flavours and ingredients from Europe and Asia.  It's occasion dining without the stuffiness.

Alla Wolf Tasker - Lake House, King St, Daylesford Victoria. 

The restaurant that Alla and husband Allen founded enjoys international acclaim.

Situated in the heart of Spa Country in Daylesford, Lake House offers magnificent views from its terraces and windows across the lake.  

The team of cooks work to produce everything on the premises with strong seasonal produce driven menus. Dishes are 'masterly in composition and captivating in their appeal'.  The Lake House is a country restaurant with world class standards.

This month they are featuring Masterclasses and a celebration of truffles and an exclusive cellar dinner with top wine expert Matt Paul.

That's it from me, I'm off to watch the telly, bon appetit!


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