Well the school holidays are finally upon us.

Seven weeks of quality family time.

God help us all.

Even though I'm actually looking forward to having all the little critters running around the house (no more school runs! No more lunches!) I know the next 7 weeks are going to be a little...um...trying on occasions.

So please, today, let's indulge and pretend there are no children. Mummy needs to relax.

I have literally found a SPA TOWN. Why hasn't anyone ever mentioned this to me? I would have moved out of the suburbs years ago! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Dalesford - Hepburn Springs aka Spa Town.

Located in central Victoria, this place is the ultimate word in hedonistic indulgence. Massages, treatments, pampering...no children...

Where was I?

Oh yes.

Spa Town. And I've found the most divine place to stay.

Kudos Villas. Channelling Rachel Zoe...Oh. My. God. I. DIE. 5 star luxury.

Welcome to Kudos Temple.

There are 8 Villas to choose from, all drawing inspiration from the elements essential to life. And as mummy has decided to have a zen moment, I'm showing you Kudos Temple. Just imagine soaking in that spa with a glass of wine.

Wine that you chose yourself after visiting the cellar door at Ellender Estate.

And just so the hubby and I can get re-acquainted...I bring you the Kudos Love Seat.

Throw in a little Micheal Buble and mummy is in heaven.


Enough daydreaming...let the school holidays begin!

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