Off road adventures, Susan style....

Ever wondered how we find the properties to put on our website Luxury Oz Stays?

Unlike a lot of travel websites we actually like to check out the properties that we represent before we recommend them to other people.  

Trust me, there are a lot of properties that claim to be 'luxury' but seriously don't meet our, and your, standards.

Wouldn't it be awful to book your holiday of a lifetime only to find yourself spending a week in a roach infested, hell hole?

That's why we do what we do!

A new property wanted to come on board with us and because it's in Tasmania we had to check it out.

Here's the lowdown of our adventure, checking out our swish new luxury accommodation. 

For your viewing pleasure, I bring you The LAIR.

THE LAIR is located 90 minutes away from either Launceston or Hobart airport.  The drive takes you through picture postcard views of the meadowlands, forests, coastal promonteries and beaches that give Tasmania it's unique character.

We live a little further away than the airports, but because I always inspect the properties before representing them, decided today was a day for an adventure.  

I love Tasmania and have explored most of it.  

I'm familiar with the area but Jason (my husband) thought we would attempt to drive the 3 hours to The Lair using a different route this time.   

Stupid decision, we ended up on this dirt road that went for about 40 kms at least! 

It was in the middle of no where, no cars, people, houses nothing!!! 

Bumpy as anything, it wasn’t just dirt it was pot holes, cracks, ridges and more dirt. Needless to say by the time we hit this road it was too far to turn back and go the way we came, so we thought we would stick it out.   

Anyways we learnt a valuable lesson, DO NOT SEND OUR GUESTS on this route, although scenic, it took forever!

To add to this, we did not know if we were lost or not, our GPS charger would not charge so it went flat, our mobiles had no service at all and we had been on this road for about 45 mins watching our petrol get lower and lower. 

I was thinking I was gonna end up stranded and walking – not to mention I had to pee, so go bush!

Finally at the end of the road we see a sign pointing to Swansea! It was a great relief to know we were not lost and back to civilisation!!
The adventurous road met up with the road we normally would have taken and we got to the property with a car that looked like someone had chucked red mud all over it – not a great look for the owner of a 2 million dollar property we were trying to impress. 

Luckily he knew the road and just laughed at us!

So in the name of research for our guests we took a gamble to try a new route for them along the ESK Hwy, we can now tell them NOT to take it and stick to the Bass Hwy!  It is much faster and safer.

What a mission!

So there you have it folks, we actually do inspect properties before we list them on our website to ensure the level of quality we expect.  We do travel our own state and even being locals we can get into silly situations!

But I think this was definitely worth the wait!

Angela Craze  – (March 14, 2010 at 1:45 AM)  

Love the property Suz... Will be booking a wedding anniversary night there sometime when I get back! It looks simply beautiful! Great pics too! Soooo impressed! xxxxxx

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