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I love boutique...anything really!  I'm not referring to little, funky clothes stores but to little companies that strive to be a little bit different and provide that something extra to their customers.

Melbourne Books is a boutique publishing house that publishes works of both non fiction and fiction.  It also offers a self publishing service to authors who are finding it increasingly difficult to secure a publisher.

Australian writers should be celebrated and I'm chuffed to share this little gem that Melbourne Books has launched following the success of Award Winning Australian Writing 2008 at last year's Melbourne Writer's Festival.

This anthology provides an opportunity for talented Australian writers to showcase their short stories and bush poetry.  Several of Australia's most prestigious competitions are participating in the book.

It's a great way to promote Australian writers.

For those of you who have always envisaged yourself as a writer...(admit it, we all have a dream of writing the great Australian novel) why not attend the Melbourne Writers Festival?  For more info, click here.

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