Let's get all arty farty....

So being a Melbourne girl, just like a diamond (Tiffanys if you are reading boy, hint hint) I tend to have different facets to my personality.

There's uber professional me.  You know the one that open all the emails as soon as they hit the inbox,  shows up for work on time, and never, ever has a sick day.  Well almost never :)

Then there's the little miss party pants me.  The one who can't wait for Friday night drinkies with the girls.

Next we have ex Melbourne Storm supporter me.  Honestly boys, WTF?!  You better win every game for the rest of the season just to prove a point.  Disappointing to say the least....

Of course we also have Super Mummy me.  Because girls can do it all * laughs hysterically *.

And then there's wildly intellectual, arty farty me.

So what's an art farty (no, I don't have a gas problem, honestly!) gal like me like to check out?

I love to check out The Rose Street Artists Markets when I have a free afternoon in Fitzroy.  They run every Saturday and Sunday from 11am till 5pm.  The Market is held in a disused yard in the back streets of Fitzroy and showcases up to 70 artist and designers each weekend.

Most of the artworks are a tad pricey if you're just after a souvenir, but there are cheaper items like hand drawn badges, cards or magnets priced from $3 - $5.  I love the atmosphere and finding quirky designers flogging their wares, like the guy who makes bracelets from forks and funky earrings by Kasame.

The Market has live entertainment as well as munchies for you to enjoy.

The Rose Street Artists Market, 60 Rose St, Fitzroy.

- Nicol

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