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So you know that this week Susan checked out The Lair, a stunning property in Tasmania.

The area is ideal for fishing, swimming and diving or relaxing on the beach overlooking Great Oyster Bay and the beautiful Freycinet National Park.

The Lair is just 15kms south of the wonderful coastal town of Swansea, a beautiful historic town of around 500 residents.

The town is full of historic buildings including the Swansea Bark Mill and East Coast Museum built by the in the 1880s, Morris' General Store, Meredith House, Schouten House, Resthaven, Spiky Bridge and more.

This part of Tasmania also produces world class wine and produce.

For a treat, pay a visit to Kate's Berry Farm.  It sits high above the coastline looking out across Great Oyster Bay to The Hazards range.

Kate was born and raised in Victoria and fell in love with Tasmania the first time she visited.  In 1988 Kate seachanged to Swansea where she found her 10 acre dream property overlooking the sea and the mountains.

Kate saw the potential for a unique cottage venture, became a farmer and after a lot of initial hard work Kate's Berry Farm was born. It quickly achieved a reputation for producing outstanding, chemical free berries.  Kate designed and built her cellar door shop and workshop and works the gardens, and she's always ready to chat with visitors about her farm and what it means to her.

During the picking season, from November to May, punnets of juicy freshly picked berries are available for purchase.

Visit Kate's Just Desserts Cafe, a cosy little eatery that lets you relax and indulge in some of Kate's treats.  Like the name implies, apart from wine, tea and coffee and milkshakes,  the cafe sells nothing but luscious desserts.  Waffles and crepes with lashings of berries, fluffy scones and jams and rich cheesecakes. The berry tart is to die for.

Kate's kitchen also produces an ever expanding range of delicious country produce including chutneys, relishes and marmalades for you to purchase.  Everything is handmade is mall quantities.

She also has her own winery and produces a small range of delectable dessert wines, made from her berries.

It's pure, unadulterated indulgence.  Bliss.

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