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So if you're staying at Antolu, which is just a stone's throw away from Hobart then you need to know fantastic places to eat.

Hate going on holidays, finding random restaurants and regretting the experience a few hours later?  I'm sure I've been in a few restaurants that would have had Gordan Ramsey frothing at the mouth.

Not pleasant.

So if you're after quality dining in Hobart here's a recommendation.

The Customs House Restaurant.

The customs House Restaurant provides award winning dining within the heritage atmosphere of the Waterfront Hotel.  Well known for seafood dishes (especially the wide selection of scallops) and a range of wines to accompany your meals.

Chef Alex and his staff at the hotel prepare meals with the freshest of produce, bought locally.  Tasmania does have the freshest and the best!

Customs House Hotel is one of the oldest Hobart Hotels which has been renovated to a high standard while still maintaining the original integrity of the building.

Here's a few pics of the menu to get your mouth watering....

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