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Today I get the pleasure of writing this post while lying on the couches on the deck of a gorgeous beach house that we have the pleasure of 'road testing' for the weekend.  I've got a freshly brewed coffee beside my laptop (it smells divine) and at the moment, because everyone is still asleep, all I can hear are the birds in the trees and the faint roar of the ocean.


All the stress of the working week evaporated as soon as we drove through Byron Bay to get to Broken Head.  There must be something in the air here and I'm not talking about fumes from nearby Nimbin LOL!

People just seem more relaxed and everything moves at a slower pace.

The Pavilions is a gated complex of luxury beachouses situated at the end of a beach road, in a rainforest.  The layout is open and spacious with timber decking all around the building.  You feel like you've left Australia and landed in Bali.

To get our luxury beach house weekend started last night, the kids and everyone else were banished to the lounge pavilion to watch DVDs and I took a long bubble bath in the master bedroom.


Feeling 100% more relaxed, I grabbed a glass of wine and joined the crew to watch The Hangover.  All time funniest movie.

This morning,  to continue my weekend of chilling out I headed down to the beach.

I walked along the beach, squishing my toes in the sand and breathing in the fresh air.  I'm one of those people who is always on the go, so to get the opportunity to just relax is wonderful.  Better than a yoga class any day!

This area is so beautiful and unspoilt, you feel like you're a million miles from development.  There's lots of little paths that lead into the nature reserve and you get spectacular views along the coast in both directions.  I've heard that the little bays around Broken Head are known for nude bathing, but I didn't spot any nudie rudies!

It sounds like the troops have woken up, I'll let you know how the rest of our weekend goes.

- Susan

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